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JiangxiJinko Photovoltaic Materials Co., Ltd. (Jiangxi Jinko) is a wholly-ownedsubsidiary of JinkoSolar, one of the most innovative solar module manufacturersin the world. Founded in 2010 with a registered capitalof 100 million yuan, Jiangxi Jinko positions itself as a hi-tech company thatspecializes in the development, production, and sales of photovoltaicmaterials. At Jiangxi Jinko, we uphold the core values of "customer-orientedcontribution, continuous innovation, and down-to-earth practice". With afocus on product and manufacturing quality, we work to deliver integrated cleanenergy solutions, as we aspire to change the energy mix as a responsibleindustry beacon.      

 Thanksto our rapid growth over the past nine years, Jiangxi Jinko now operates morethan 40 completely automatic production lines, with an annual output close to 4billion yuan. We provide TÜV/UL/JET-certified photovoltaic products and partsthat encompass connectors, terminal boxes, aluminum frames, and structures. Wehave also been awarded ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001certifications.       

 Today,Jiangxi Jinko remains committed to the principles of "excellent quality,reliable services, innovative endeavors, and continuous improvement". Todeliver quality products and services to solar projects globally, Jiangxi Jinkowill move toward mass production through independent R&D and innovation,with a view to building itself into an international brand.

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