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JinkoSolar is Appointed Again as Co-Chair of India's B20 Issues Group
Release Time: 2023-3-1 18:07:44
Recently, at the invitation of the India B20 Organizing Committee, JinkoSolar was elected to co-chair the Taskforce Group of Tech, Innovation, and R&D, recognizing its continuous technical innovation, achievement and contribution to the sustainable energy transition worldwide. This is the second that the company being appointed as co-chair of B20 in 2017 B20 Germany Energy, Climate, and Resource Efficiency Working Group. Since 2016, JinkoSolar has been a core member of the B20 Energy, Climate, and Sustainability-related Issues Group for eight consecutive years.

The energy and digital revolutions, powered by technological advancements and innovative business models, are transforming the way people live, work, and conduct business. As grid parity becomes the new norm and the cost competitiveness of solar energy continues to increase, it is economically sound to shift towards a new development model. The unique characteristics of distributed solar energy enable it to promote a vision of energy and the environment that benefits everyone. Dany Qian, VP of JinkoSolar and the Co-Chair of the Taskforce on Tech, Innovation, and R&D will lead the agenda of the taskforce during India’s Presidency, expressed the company's commitment to collaborating with stakeholders worldwide to tackle the pressing issue of climate change. JinkoSolar will leverage the most economically viable and digitally advanced solar power technology to achieve this goal.

Business 20 (B20) is amongst the most prominent official Engagement Groups in G20, with companies, business associations, and multilateral organizations as participants. B20 has the mandate of representing the voice of the international business community on global economic issues and feeds into the deliberations of several tiers of G20 meetings including the Leaders’ Summit. The Co-Chairs of the Taskforces and Action Councils, under B20, will contribute to the development and advocacy of policy recommendations.
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