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Chairman’s Speech to New Employees
Release Time: 2023-7-17 10:26:32
On July 10, Chairman David Lee gave a well-received speech to GCT new employees at the Shangrao factory.

Thank you and welcome to join JinkoSolar, it was amazing to see how you outperform your competitors to be selected and recruited. I think it bodes very well for the future of JinkoSolar, you own the future.

Changing the energy portfolio and taking responsibility for the future is our vision from the first of the foundation. It’s the value of our company and what directs us. By Q1 2023, JinkoSolar has been the first company to reach 150GW of panel delivery, so far, the accumulated solar installation worldwide is 1320GW, which means one of every ten panels installed is made by JinkoSolar. We are the first solar company joining RE100, EP100, committing to use clean energy to produce clean energy. As a UNGC member, we are highly disciplined to conduct business in compliance with UNGC principles and other international standards for corporate governance. Be responsible to every stakeholder.

We have invested hugely in R&D, with 5.6 billion RMB spent in a single year 2022, eight on-site and offsite R&D centers worldwide housing 2000 scientists and technical engineers. 1464 patents, 22 times breaking the world’s record of cell efficiency. Particularly in the N-type era, JinkoSolar has undoubtedly played a huge role in leading this technology and mass-producing N-type TOPCon panels.

We are working on the Shanxi vertical integrated N-type base, a huge part of that is scaling to high volume. Technology and production cost is what drives the industry growth and enables solar now become the cleanest, the most economically competitive, and the smartest energy source. 2.42 and 1.32 cents per kWh tariff created by JinkoSolar in the first and second phases of the Abu Dhabi project has proven it.

With storage being the limiting factor to scale, it sounds like the new ESS factory in Haining will address this bottleneck. The factory is starting off with the SunTera and SunGiga there.

Every panel and every battery storage we will make is a step in the direction of a sustainable future. It is essential that we affect the future in a positive way. It’s very important to have reasons to work and work hard in JinkoSolar, it makes our life meaningful. On the other hand, JinkoSolar will provide you with a transparent and equal platform where your talents and your achievements will be returned fairly.

CEO’s Four Tips to New Employees:

1. In-depth understand your business, create plan, take action and get results. Let your hand and brain do the talking. To be better and strive for excellence.
2. Don’t compromise on any challenges, bring your best self to work, do your job to the extreme.
3. Don’t always complain and languish unhappy for long. Instead, be positive and create positive impact on others, stay engaged and you’ll get the support you need from the teams.
4. Lifelong learning is critical. Raise the bar for yourself, develop skills and beliefs that will enable you to be successful in the company.
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